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Barking Up the Right Tree

By Paul James

Bark is basically dead tissue. It protects a tree’s vascular system, which lies just below the bark layer. And it comes in many textures – smooth or rough, shallow or deep fissured, and exfoliating, just to name a few. On a clear winter day, bark is basically all you see on deciduous trees, so why not plant a tree with interesting bark? And with that in mind, here are several whose bark I find especially attractive.

So do I have a favorite on the list? Actually, I do. It’s the ‘Natchez’ crape myrtle, which is why I chose its bark for the photo accompanying this post. To me, its bark is definitely worth barking about.

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4 responses to “Barking Up the Right Tree”

  1. Art says:

    Any idea where we can find a 6′-8′ Chinese fringe tree and a 6′-8′ Magnolia (not sure on varieties of either)?

  2. Mya Rogers says:

    Do you have the Natchez crape Myrtle and the Coral Bark Maple in stock and general price of each?

    • Paul James says:

      We have several Natchez in stock priced from $29.99, and Coral Barks starting at $39.99. Come see us.