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Be Bold – Break the Mold

By Paul James

I get people’s attachment to the familiar in their gardens. It’s comforting to know that the bed of begonias you’ve planted for years and years will once again result in the look you like and have grown accustomed to. But what if you were to break out of that mold and try something altogether different?

Doing so means you’ll discover new plants, new color schemes, new textures, and so on. Instead of begonias, consider pentas or petunias, for example. Or shift gears even more abruptly and go with perennials rather than annuals. Try shade-loving flowering shrubs such as azaleas or hydrangeas, or sun-lovers such as abelias or spireas. Or go out on a limb even more and opt for a few conifers or Japanese maples and change the look of the area even more drastically, foregoing flowers for foliage.

Drastic changes can be difficult to make, but they can also be very exciting and rewarding. And they can open the doors (and your eyes) to a whole new approach to gardening. 

And besides, you can always go back to begonias.

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One response to “Be Bold – Break the Mold”

  1. Martha Mahoney Sullivan says:

    Hello Paul. Needed your article. Management Co for my Condos removed 2 trees in my backyard. Changing my shade to sun. Have always planted begonias —mostly heat tolerant & even when trees have shed their leaves often last another month or so. This has been very emotional for me.
    Now, a new attitude, experiments with sun loving perennials & different annuals. Thanks ❗️