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Living Christmas Trees

By Paul James

Sure, you can always buy a cut tree for Christmas. But instead — or perhaps in addition to — you might consider a live tree that you can plant after Christmas and enjoy for years, even decades to come. Here are selection and care tips, and a list of some of my favorites.

First, realize that you can’t keep a live tree in your house for more than a few days, as in no more than five. Sorry. I know that likely comes as a disappointment, but the home environment is hardly ideal for a live tree. But again, it’s a tree that will give you years of joy rather than wind up being recycled.

While in the house, make sure the root ball of the tree remains moist at all times. Not soggy, but moist. And avoid drafty areas and heater vents. 

After Christmas, don’t plant the tree right away. Instead, move it outside and water regularly for a week so it can reacclimate to life in the real world.

When selecting a planting site, keep in mind that most species sold as living Christmas trees require well drained soil and at least six hours of sun a day. They also require moisture during the winter months, especially if the weather is cold and dry.

As for my favorites choices for living Christmas trees, go to

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  1. Greg Rosta says:

    Hi Paul,

    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with the family. Great article! I’ve always wanted to have a live tree and wind up planting a forest over the years, but never have done it. Already have my cut one for this year, so maybe next year! I guess I can also put a live one on the back patio and have 2 Christmas trees! You wouldn’t happen to know if Frasier Firs like NJ, would ya? Thanks for the great info, as always!



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