Anthurium Utah Purple (Medium)

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Anthurium andraeanum, commonly called flamingo lily or painter’s palette, is an epiphytic tropical that is most noted for its attractive waxy, palette-shaped, bright red spathes and contrasting dark green heart shaped foliage. Plants prefers bright indirect light and high humidity with a coarse, well-drained potting mix. Set the pot on a tray or saucer of water with rocks or gravel to help maintain humidity levels and prevent foliage burn. This plant contains Insoluble calcium oxalates and is toxic to dogs, cats, and horses.. Mature Size: 12-18″ x 6-12″ after 5 years. Shade.

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Bloom Time

Early Spring, Fall/Winter, Spring, Summer


Container Friendly, Great Folliage, Long Bloom Time, Minimal Maintenance, Slow Growing

Houseplant Characteristics

Houseplant Bright Light, Houseplant for Average Humidity, Houseplant for High Humidity, Houseplant Indirect Light

Mature Height


Mature Width



Moist Well Drained Soil

Sun Exposure



The Medium comes in a 6″ plastic pot.


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