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A wonderful experience

Dear Southwood,

Your Landscape Design Team did a wonderful job on all aspects of our project.  We are very happy with the whole experience and the final product.

For a long time, we wanted to have our landscaping overhauled along with other related outdoor work.  For me to arrange for different contractors for each job would be overwhelming. I was delighted when I found out Southwood could coordinate and oversee everything.  Our next door neighbor’s beautiful SW installation reinforced our decision to choose Southwood.

All of the people who worked on our project are excellent. When I went into the Design Center the first time, Becky happily listened to what I was considering and she explained the process.  I decided right away to have her set up a consultation.  She has been very helpful.

Howard is super personable and an excellent designer.  His ideas, plans and expertise brought the multifaceted project together.  Not only did we need our flower beds, water feature and hardscape overhauled but also new lighting and sprinkler systems installed. In addition, we had drainage issues that needed to be addressed.  The work had to also be coordinated with new guttering and driveway installations. All of it went very smoothly… especially considering all the recent crazy weather!  Throughout the process, Howard was always happy to answer questions, listen to my input, solve new problems that arose and make changes and/or additions to the plan.  I greatly appreciate his positive attitude.

Lupe and his crew did a superb job executing the plans. From start to finish, they all did amazing work. They are multitalented, efficient and highly skilled artisans.  Lupe patiently answered my many questions and cheerfully made the changes I asked for- like moving plants, rocks, etc.  Also, I appreciate that they were all always polite and they straightened up the yard each time they left.

We are so pleased with the way everything turned out. It is beautiful!  The flower beds are laid out perfectly for my eclectic choice of plants. The flagstone walkways and rock borders look amazing. The lights highlight the plantings and walkways just right.  We are also thankful the water drainage plan is working well.  We haven’t needed our sprinkler system yet but we are thrilled it is set up for the summer days ahead of us.

Southwood has always been one of my favorite places in Tulsa.  For many years, I’ve enjoyed the displays inside and out, the music and walking around all the lovely areas.  I especially appreciate the helpful friendly employees and the quality and selection of plants. I always tell those who haven’t been there that it’s not just a gardening center but it is an experience.   The events, the newsletter, and your community involvement are all also commendable.  I now can add the excellent Design Center to my list of why I love Southwood.  You are an excellent business and a great asset to Tulsa.

Our thanks to everyone involved.