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Tomato Tips

Given their enormous popularity, it’s hard to believe that tomatoes only arrived in the U.S. in the 1700s. Back then they were grown primarily as ornamentals, although folks in the south quickly became fond of the fruit. They weren’t widely accepted across the country until the19th century, but now hold the top spot as America’s favorite veggie (er, fruit) to grow. And likely will forever.

 June 21. 2024 11:59

Beneficial Insects

My daughter, who’s not exactly a fan of creepy crawly critters, sent me a picture the other day of a menacing looking bug on her basil, asking me what the heck it was. “It’s an Assassin Bug,” I told her, “a beneficial insect that preys on plant pests.

 June 14. 2024 13:17


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