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Planting & Installation Services

Thank you for your interest in Southwood’s delivery and Installation services! 




We schedule our installation services at your convenience, and based on the current workload. A representative of the landscape department will contact you for scheduling.  The following prices DO NOT include materials, unless noted.

Services outside of the South Tulsa area (south of BA Exp., Bixby and Jenks) will include Additional Delivery Charges listed below.

  • Minimum Planting/Installation Charge $150.00.
  • Basic Planting Rate: 50% of the total regular price.
  • Shrubs: 50% of total regular retail price.
  • Bulbs: $35.00 for first 100 bulbs; $20.00 for each additional 100; $150.00 minimum.
  • Annuals and groundcovers: $85.00 for first 3 flats, $12.50 for each additional flat; $150.00 minimum.
  • Mulch placement : $3.00 per bag. Each bag covers 12-15 square feet; $150.00 minimum.
  • Azalea bed preparation and installation: $35.00 per Azalea. Includes Southwood Azalea Mix 1 bag per plant, and fertilizer. $150.00 minimum.
  • Bixby-south of the river, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa, Tulsa-north of the BA Exp., Kiefer, Glenpool, Leonard: add $25.00.
  • Catoosa, Owasso, Coweta, Sand Springs: add $35.00.





We are pleased to offer delivery. If purchasing online these options will be available at checkout for orders of $35 or more. In-store, please ask your cashier.

Delivery starts at $40 for areas closest to Southwood (South Tulsa, Jenks, Midtown) and there is an additional $5-$35 mileage charge for areas farther outside of town.

There are additional $50 delivery charges for larger material (over 7-gallon trees, mulch/soil orders with more than 10 bags, and items requiring 2 people).  Certain items such as fountains and large garden accents may have a separate delivery charge as well.

Bagged goods delivery ( base prices, mileage not included):


DD Driveway Drop

BD Backyard Drop




11 + bags [zip code base] + $1.00 per bag




Deliveries are done by zone:
South Tulsa and Jenks delivery is Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
Midtown/Downtown is Tuesday and Friday,
Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Coweta and Catoosa delivery is Monday and Thursday,
West Tulsa and Sand Spring is Tuesday and Friday.