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The Secret to Successful Gardening

By Paul James

Imagine being able to add something to your garden that makes plants far less susceptible to insects and diseases, provides essential nutrients and micronutrients, improves soil structure and water retention, activates beneficial soil microbes, and basically provides the perfect growing conditions for anything and everything you grow. Now imagine that “something” is free.

I’m talking about compost, the secret to successful gardening if ever there was one. And I can say with absolute certainty that if you’ll routinely add compost to your trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, vegetables – even plants in containers – you’ll discover a real difference in the health of your plants. You’ll discover that you can grow plants with less fertilizer — because compost is the perfect food for plants — and fewer pesticides — because genuinely healthy plants have the ability to resist pests and diseases. You’ll discover that even heavy, compacted soils become lighter and looser. You’ll discover that you’ll water less often. And you’ll discover that your once sterile soil is teaming with all sorts of critters, especially earthworms. 

Still not convinced? Then take a walk in the woods. Notice how healthy everything is, from the trees above to the shrubs and thickets below to the grasses and flowers on the forest floor. Then notice the accumulation of leaf litter and other organic matter on the ground. That’s compost, plain and simple. And that’s nature’s way of keeping everything in perfect harmony.

You can mimic nature’s way by purchasing composted products or by starting a compost pile at home. And to learn how to do just that, join me this Saturday morning at 10:00 for a free seminar titled “Compost is King.” Please register in the Events tab.

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