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African Violets

Saintpaulia (saynt-PAW-lee-a)

LIGHT: Bright, indirect filtered light or fluroscent/led lighting

WATER: Important to use lukewarm or tepid water and keep evening moist allowing the top 1-2 inches to go dry in between waterings. (Wait until top of soil feels dry) Drain off excess water when moist.

FERTILIZER: Use African Violet fertilizer. The middle number should be higher. N-P-K, therefore phosphorus should be higher this aids in root and bud development. Fertilize when it’s time to water from March through October. Fertilize once a month for the months of November, December, and January. Important to use weak fertilizer, but fertilize often. Too much fertilizer at one time can burn roots.

POTTING MIX: African violet soil which is higher in acidity containing peat moss. If the soil is really lose, then add 1 parts fox farm to 5 parts african violet soil.

LONGEVITY: Plants are known to live 50 years or more.

PROPAGATION: Root leaves with stem attached. Patience is key. It takes leaves about a month to root. Plantlets take 4-6 weeks after leaf has rooted

REPOT: Best to repot once a year and slightly trim roots and plant deeer. Repotting cleans out excess salts that build on the bottom. Also best to leach soil with water in the summer.

HUMIDITY: Moderate humidity. If the plants air is to dry then the buds will abort. A common problem in the winter so make a pebble tray, mist plants, or have a humidifer to combat this problem.

SIZE: Regular violets can grow to be 16 inches across. Mini african violets can grow to be 8 inches across.



Not enough light

Needs fertilizer

Too many leaves so trim some of the outside leaves

Lack of humidity

Needs smaller pot; roots must be tight in pot

Staying too wet or too dry