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Phalaenopsis Orchids

Light:  filtered or indirect bright light; east window is best.

Water: Water when orchid media feels dry.

For today’s class- It’s best to check the moss covering the holes of the orchid pot to indicate whether it has dried out or not.

Soak the pot until evenly moist. It is best to submerge it in 1/3-1/2 of the height of the container. Check in twenty minutes to see if the top feels moist if it does pull it out and allow excess water to drain. If it doesn’t allow to sit in water longer until it does.

Humidity: Orchids LOVE humidity! It is best to spray orchids daily.

Put them near a humidifier. Use a pebble tray. Put them in a kitchen or bathroom if lightning needs are met. Group plants together. Keep water in the small tray of the orchid pot. These are some ways to increase humidity for your beloved orchid and they will absolutely love you for it.

Repot:  Layer the orchid pot using orchid media and sphagnum moss instead of soil. Soil should NOT be used for orchids!! Orchid roots like to be tight in the pot and in an “orchid pot.” An orchid pot contains holes in the sides of the pot. Soak the sphagnum moss before use so it is more pliable. Start by putting about an inch of orchid media in the pot, then about an inch of sphagnum moss, continue with this layering around the orchid. Finish with sphagnum moss on top. Sphagnum moss on top will help increase humidity for your orchid when moist. 

Orchid mix typically decomposes after two years so it is best to refresh the orchid mix then. If your orchid is not ready for a bigger pot then just repot into the same container.

Fertilizer: Use an orchid fertilizer. It is best to fertilizer Mid-march until the end of October. Fertilize every third watering during this time. In the summer, it is best to flush pots periodically to remove salts from the growing medium. Thoroughly water plants, allow excess water to drain away, and then repeat.

Temperature: Intermediate (65-70 degrees F) nights and (80-85 degrees) days. Most growers keep Phalaenopsis orchids indoors all year round.

Why is my orchid not blooming?

It just bloomed and needs time to rest (dormant period).

Inadequate light.

Not allowing to go dry enough in between waterings.

Improper temperature.

Too much salt in the pot (important to flush pot periodically in the summer).