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Southwood Grown

Local is a powerful buzzword these days. It resonates with people of all ages who are concerned about where the products and services they buy actually come from. And for that reason, all kinds of companies try to convince folks that what they have to offer is local. But just how “local” is local?

In the case of Southwood Grown products – annuals, mums, pansies, ornamental grasses, vegetables and herbs, and so much more – you can’t get any more local. After all, our Delaware Production Greenhouses are just over a mile down the road at 108th and Delaware.

So what does that mean to you? In a word, quality. In two words, unsurpassed quality. You think pansies grown in Michigan and trucked a thousand miles are going to be of the same quality as those grown right here in Tulsa? Not a chance. And what about mums? We dare you to compare the quality (and price) of our mums with those at box stores or your neighborhood grocer.

Southwood Grown plants are grown to our exacting standards, and we’re pretty darn picky. They’re acclimated to our local climate, which means they have a far better chance of surviving whatever nature has to throw at them. And because of the close proximity of our production facility, the carbon footprint associated with transporting them is practically nil.

Now that’s local. And that’s Southwood Grown.

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6 responses to “Southwood Grown”

  1. Marian says:

    Last spring I learned the hard way to always buy my annual flowers and vegetables from you. No more shopping around

  2. Will Morin says:

    Paul James my favorite master gardener… I became a MG because of you. America needs you on tv again… perhaps you and Joe Gardener aka Joe Lampl from Growing a Greener World can team up for a few episodes!!! This old house needs some garden experts with Roger Cook stepping away. Please come back! We need you!

    • Paul James says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Will. And congrats on becoming a master gardener. Joe is a great guy and we’ve talked about the possibility of working together, but I doubt it’ll happen. Truth is, networks aren’t interesting in gardening shows, so I also doubt I’ll ever make a return. But life is good, and I continue to garden with passion.

  3. MaryAnne says:

    Yes that would be great for you to be on TV here again. You just have your special
    talent & enjoy sharing your expertise with Tulsa area gardeners.