Arbor Rain Donut 2.5gal

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The Leonard ArborRain™ Hydration System provides total water coverage for your plants and trees. This high-capacity model holds 2.5 gallons of water. It utilizes two removable emitters to release this water slowly over a 5 to 8-hour period. The 1-5/8-inch diameter fill port features a threaded cap and fits a wide variety of hoses for quick filling. This model fits trees and shrubs up to 6 inches in diameter. The durable plastic material contains a cold weather additive and a UV stabilizer to protect it during prolonged sun exposure.

The Leonard ArborRain™ Hydration System makes the water seep deep into the soil. It provides total coverage by hydrating both the root ball and the surrounding soil. This coverage is crucial for newly-planted shrubs and trees as it reduces transplant shock. You can also install multiple ArborRain™ systems around the drip line of established trees. The helps them thrive in hot and dry conditions.


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