Bromeliad Crypthantus Earth Star Elaine (Medium)

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Cryptanthus is a genus of bromeliads known for its vibrant and patterned foliage. It typically has a rosette growth habit, forming a cluster of leaves that radiate from a central point. This plant prefers bright, indirect light. Protect from intense, direct sunlight. Keep them moist and well drained, but allow soil to dry slightly between waterings. Feed with a diluted, balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season of spring and summer. Can be propagated by offsets or pups that develop at the base of this compact plant. It is often referred to as “Earth Stars” due to the star-like arrangement of its leaves, and is non-toxic to humans and animals.. Mature Size: 12″ x 12″ after 3 years. Morning Sun Afternoon Shade.

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Houseplant Characteristics

Houseplant Bright Light, Houseplant Indirect Light, Houseplant Lower Water Needs


Average Soil, Moist Well Drained Soil

Sun Exposure

Morning Sun Afternoon Shade


Container Friendly, Easy to Grow, Evergreen, Great Folliage, Slow Growing, Use in Mass Plantings

Mature Height


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