Ficus Elastica Burgundy (Medium)

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Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’, also known as the Burgundy rubber plant, is a popular variety of the Ficus elastica, noted for its dark, nearly black leathery leaves that emerge from bright pink-red leaf sheaths. This evergreen is native to the Himalayas to Malaysia, Sumatra, and Java, This plant was used to produce rubber in the early 1900’s and is easily propagated by stem cuttings. This plant is toxic to humans and pets if ingested.. Mature Size: 2-10 x 2-4′ after 10 years. Shade, Morning Sun Afternoon Shade.

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The Medium comes in a 6″ plastic pot.

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Container Friendly, Easy to Grow, Evergreen, Fast Growing, Great Folliage, Minimal Maintenance

Growth Habit


Houseplant Characteristics

Houseplant Bright Light, Houseplant for Average Humidity, Houseplant Indirect Light

Mature Height


Mature Width



Moist Well Drained Soil

Sun Exposure

Morning Sun Afternoon Shade, Shade


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