Oxalis Red (Small)

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Oxalis triangularis, native to Brazil, is celebrated for its striking purple, triangular leaves that fold down at night, earning it the name “purple shamrock.” This ornamental plant prefers bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, thriving in environments that mimic its tropical origins with high humidity and moderate temperatures. It requires consistent moisture, but overwatering must be avoided to prevent root rot. While it tolerates indoor environments well, it should be shielded from intense direct sunlight. Noted for its visual appeal rather than air-purifying capabilities, it is generally safe and non-toxic to both humans and animals, making it a favored choice for indoor gardeners. Mature Size: 6-12″ x 6-12″ after 2 years. Shade, Morning Sun Afternoon Shade.

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The Small comes in a 4″ plastic pot.

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Container Friendly, Easy to Grow, Fast Growing, Great Folliage, Use in Mass Plantings

Growth Habit


Houseplant Characteristics

Houseplant Bright Light, Houseplant for High Humidity, Houseplant Indirect Light, Good in Terrariums

Mature Height


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Average Soil, Moist Well Drained Soil

Sun Exposure

Morning Sun Afternoon Shade, Shade


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